Thursday, July 15, 2010

When I am weak, this is when I become Srong

Imagine the "impossible" would I walk on water too? Would I fall at your feet? Would you make me greater than my weakness? Oh, to feel whole, enveloped in your love. Would I kiss your face, bathe you in my tears? Oh, Holy One, please forgive all the pain I caused you. Weakness, you give me for my safe return. When? Until then, I must trust in your plan. I will not forget where I came from ,, I will remember where I am going. Faith arms my Spirit, Holy Ones guide my steps, aw what sweet elation. In the quiet I hear Your voice speak. Be still, and I will guide your steps. Chase away calamities of life. With all my weakness's I will become strengthened. My Prayer

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm pretty tired now, think I'll go to sleep now

Sleep? Endless torment or welcome old friend? Glad I haven't seen you for a while. I played the piano, too lazy to write down the notes. This time the music was for me. Just playing for the beauty of it. Pianos can be so comforting to my soul. Music delights my spirit as well as the beauty of sound. I have no idea how a piano works. I have no idea how my fingers know how to find the next chord, note, etc. Music has been my "Balm of Gideon". It soothes my soul and sends vibration, anticipation, liberation freedom from this body of clay. One of the only things I get to take with me. JOY! Ok, I feel pretty tired now, think I'll go to bed.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I like Blogs

It's really nice to be able to go back and read what you have blogged. Sometimes the tears flow and it's a little difficult to go back to the place you were at the time of the post. Although there is a small part of me that wants to rewrite history I know that I have no power to change the past. Moving forward, loving the time and place in my life. Friends remain, some change & move away not forgotten, unseen for a time. Reunion of life loved and lost. Mothers arms that will hold me once again. She tells me everything is going to be just fine. Fathers strong and tall no longer frail and unused. I long for the past but can not go there. I must wait for Him that decides what is best. If I really want to take a look back I should get my photo's organized. They are packed away like so many things in my past. Look to the future. Unable to organize what is coming. Preparation for the days unseen. Good idea, better get on that.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I hope !

I hope I see more holidays like the one we had last Sunday. Hope there is so much love in our lives that we feel compelled to hug one another spontaneously. Hope that everyone will be well. Hope that we still like each other. Hope we are still active members of our church. Hope that the grand-daughters will remember to be young. Hope that Grandpa & I don't grow old too soon. Hope that music is still playing in my head. Hope that we go the beach often. Hope that we are better financially prepared. Hope that we don't have to use any of our insurances. Hope that today is better than all my yesterdays. Hope that we love one another in this world. Hope that the world is a better place because I was here. Hope that Mitch, Willy & Doug enjoy the love that their parents have shared. Hope there will always be Temples. Hope that my Heavenly Father is pleased with my actions & words. Hope that I always have hope. Hope that my Faith is strong enough for this mortal existence. Hope that I still smile when I see newly married couples. Hope that my love for mankind grows with every passing day. Hope that my friends & family will have all that they need in this life. Hope that we can forgive and be forgiven. Hope that when I die there will be tons of music and funny stories. Hope that the flowers keep blooming for all those who see. Hope that my mom & dad are accepting the gospel. Hope that my brothers will learn from our families example. Hope that I live up to my potential so that the Angels can be my associates. Hope that I never speak unkindly of my brothers and sisters. Hope that I always care more about people than things. Hope I don't get suffocated in my sleep. (not kidding) Hope that when I meet my maker I don't say something stupid. Hope that all the world knows that Heavenly Father loves, thinks and reveres us. Hope that I'm never a hypocrite. Hope that I don't fall down. Hope that if I fall I will get back up. Hope that my family knows how much I love them. Hope that Heavenly Father knows how much I need him in my life. Hope that I cry, laugh & have fun along the way. Hope that my days are spent wisely. Hope that Merl passes before me, because I don't want to be the cause of his pain. Hope that the next generation of McKnights are in tune with the Holy Ghost. Hope that they are tough, humble, funny & forgiving. Hope that I stay in tune with the Spirit so that I don't make poor choices. Hope that I can drag my sorry butt to the gym all the days of my life. I hope!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Now or never, do or die. Extreme polars, clutter my mind. Seeing the future, turning my back. Embrace the future, deny the past. Save nothing for the future. Hold everything tight. Deny the future, explore the past. Contradictions in my mind. Embrace truth, allow love. Experience pleasure, cast off dark shadows. Take off the natural man, love the moment. Music, love, life, where does the time go. Swallowed up in pain, relieve to my soul. Delight in my minds eye. See the future, in a blink it will be the past.

Love, Mom

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Be it young, old, or somewhere in-between women get things done. Wether, it's calling a friend or remembering to pick up the kids after piano lessons, women get it done. There is no monetary reward, only the satisfaction of knowing that you are of worth. There is a sure knowledge that there is no other person that can fit into your shoes. We hope that in our efforts we have contributed in making the world a better place because we were here. The perks are fantastic. Heavenly Father really knew what he was doing when he said, "is it good for man to be alone?" We know the rest of the story. Eve was created to be a help mate to Adam. We women are great helpers. In old age we look for opportunities to help. As little girls we mimic our mothers and try to do what they do. It is second nature to see someones need. We cry for those that mourn and we carry those who can not stand. Women reach others through their warmth and compassion. Laughter is their delight, sorrow their despair. Truly, women are insightful, sensitive beings. I thank Heavenly Father for Womanhood.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I love my family! With all our imperfections and individual ideas we make a wonderful family. I'm grateful that Heavenly Father has made a plan so that we can be together for eternities. I can't think of any other people that I'd like to be with. My family is far reaching. My family affects the people around them. My family is strong. Our blessings are great, even not seen at times. Perhaps it is because we clutter our minds with the things that must be done. The day in and day out routines consume our time and our talents. It's all right there's time. If not here where? Love really is the answer.